Advertisement Management

How can Miguel help grow my business?

Miguel Galvan is open minded. By working with those in the industry, creating and following the campaigns closely, Miguel can monitor the effectiveness and make changes as needed. – Most businesses fail to realize the planning needed to make a successful campaign, and the tools required to manage data collected from multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Phone Calls, etc. As an independent contractor Miguel can organize, plan, execute, and manage advertisements based on your company’s need, time, and budget.


How do I start planning to advertise my business or services?


1) Organize

Organizing with your team, creating a strategy, and effective campaigns can make a difference in results. Running a successful campaign is more than creating a good graphic, it’s putting the pieces in place, and have the system do it’s part. Experience matters especially with a budget in advertising. Companies could thrive if the right message gets across, and if the targeted audience is  reached effectively.



2) Pick the Method[s] (Online Advertising, Newspapers, Flyers, Events, etc)

Every business is different, and every advertisement is created different.  Not every method will create the same kind of result. – Whether that’s phone calls, gigs, leads, recognition, likes, etc. By collaborating with the right people with skills in analytics, you can see where the target is, and how to send the message. You want to make sure you get the right feedback, by asking for it.



3) Execution

After everything has been organized, the methods, and goals are clear. The next step is to implement the strategy. Your success really does depend on the several sub-factors! Your methods play out in the Execution.



So what is required for Miguel Galvan to work for me?

Marketing with Miguel Galvan, requires a contract with the regular five agreements: Letter of Agreement, Nondisclosure, Non-Compete Agreement, Summary of Work, and the Contract. Contracts last anywhere from 1 to six months, extensions can not be more than a year, exceptions apply. Communication is very important to both you and Miguel. We request that constant communication is established to succeed with your team, and business.